No-Bake Chocolate Truffle Love Bites
Pomanders, truffles, chocolate bites–whatever you call them, they’re GOOD. So good that you’ll find other reasons to make these bites of goodness year-round. No-Bake Chocolate Truffle Bites will be gobbled up and make everyone fall in love with you!
Servings Prep Time
25people 40minutes
Servings Prep Time
25people 40minutes
  1. In a large zip top bag, place the vanilla wafer cookies. With a rolling pin, crush the cookies until they are very small (about 1/2 cm pieces). If the walnuts are not yet crushed, pulse them in a spice blender to crush them to the same size as the cookie pieces.
  2. Mix all ingredients except chocolate in a large bowl.
  3. In the meantime, over a double-boiler (see below for more information on a double-boiler method) melt the chocolate until it is silky.
  4. Mix chocolate into cookie & nut mixture.
  5. Using your hands (they really are the best way to get the right size and shape!), roll batter into 1- 1.5″ balls. Roll each truffle ball in colored cookie decorations.
  6. Store truffles in a cookie tin, with parchment in between each layer. Allow to ferment and set for at least 4 days (the orange extract ferments, which adds incredible flavor). Eat and enjoy these perfect no-bake truffle love bites!
Recipe Notes

So are you still thinking about the image of the deer head on the serving plate?  I have to give a nod to a local outlet store that had them on clearance right before Christmas.  But really, with the deer and antler craze in home decor, who says I only have to use this in December? While I can’t find this exact dish again, I did find some other fun little animal dishes.  I think I may have to get a whole zoo of dishes so that this little guy isn’t lonely!

Also, as mentioned in the instructions above, I use a double-boiler method to melt the chocolate.  This really is the best way to melt chocolate evenly and smoothly without burning it.  They are not terribly expensive, and if you bake a lot or find yourself needing to melt chocolate or other delicate sauces, it is a handy tool to have on hand.  I recommend something with a handle to avoid burning yourself as you heat the chocolate.  This one from Rykey would do the trick nicely.

If you don’t have a double boiler handy, you can make one with items you likely already have in your kitchen.  Place a medium glass bowl (heat & shatterproof, mind you) over a medium sauce pan that has about 2″ of water boiling in it.  This should create a seal that will basically allow you to “steam” the chocolate without immersing it in anything.  Stir frequently to ensure even melting and prevent burning.  But be careful when taking the glass bowl off of the sauce pan–that steam will be scalding hot!  You don’t want to wind up at the ER with burns instead of making these tasty truffles!