The PCS Pantry

Are you a Military Family?  Have you moved more times than you can count on your fingers and toes?  Did you just get the phone call saying “Surprise!  You’re moving in two months!”?

While you certainly don’t have to be a military family to experience this upheaval, military families face this scenario more often than most—some sources claim up to 10x during the course of a 20-year military career.  With that frequency of moves come challenges big and small.  So many questions swirl in our minds about the long list of things to do before the moving truck shows up at our doors.

Of the myriad of questions to be answered, one inevitably winds up on the list:

“What the heck are we going to do with all of this extra food in the pantry, freezer, and refrigerator?”

It sneaks up on us each and every time.  2 weeks out and we realize that we still have a stocked freezer and a bunch of open items that the movers won’t pack and ship.  “Dump Day” will be here before you know it—that day when the guilt of dumping otherwise perfectly good food into the trash hits you.  We may as well be putting money in the shredder, right?

A Full PCS Pantry

“I have to waste HOW much of my pantry items?”

PCS stands for “Permanent Change of Station” in the military. Or in the civilian world, maybe it’s just “Permanent Change of Scenery”.  But your pantry still has to be dealt with!

Well, here’s some good news:  I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt – 7 times and counting.  I’ve done the mad dash to and from the pantry to figure out what to do with 3 open containers of pasta, 2 open bags of flour, 6 random jars of open jelly & ketchup, and 4 packages of frozen chicken in my stash.  I’ve come up with creative ways to use up that food still in the house that would otherwise wind up in the trash.

To help plan for the hectic days prior to the move, as well as help decrease the amount of food being tossed out, My Midlife Kitchen’s PCS Pantry Service provides tools and support during that crazy time in the run up to the move itself.

What does The PCS Pantry provide?

  • Tools to do your own “pantry raid”, providing an inventory of what’s left on hand, as well as suggestions on how to get ready for the pre- and post-move months.
  • In-person consulting to DO that pantry raid for you, providing peace of mind in knowing what items have to be used up before the big day.
  • Recipes to help incorporate the pantry items that are most likely to be wasted, providing a way to feed the hungry masses of family members with what’s already in the house.
  • In-person meal prep, which means that meals will be prepared, frozen, and ready to grab on those final days when everyone just can’t bear to order another pizza.

Let My Midlife Kitchen’s PCS Pantry help take the first steps to clearing out the food in the house, and decrease the amount of waste on “Dump Day”.  Will you let me help during this stressful time?

Start by filling out a simple survey to provide a snapshot of your current pantry items and buying habits, and let’s talk about how to provide the extra help you need! Or contact me for more information, before the moving truck is parked in front of YOUR house!

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