When that special someone comes into your life, you start thinking of all the romantic things they will do for you, and you will do for them.  Flowers.  Goofy cards.  Stuffed animals.  Champagne & strawberries.  Chocolate and bacon.  Yes, I said chocolate and bacon.

If someone really, really loves you, you expect them to know you well, to provide special treats that show their feelings for you.  A box of chocolates sure will do the trick.  But be honest–you want bacon, too.  And who says the two can’t go together?  Well, I say they do!  So this week is all about the foods of lovechocolate and bacon. 


I even got a head start last week with a bacon wrapped filet.  And my additional gift to you was suggesting a wine that would go with it.   I’m just extending that love through this week to give you some additional options for embracing the love of salty and sugary, crunchy and silky, savory and sweet.  See how giving and loving I am?   I’m the perfect date.

Chocolate Chips

Tell me what YOUR favorite recipes for these great ingredients are!  In fact, the ones that combine the two get bonus points.  Share them here, and on Twitter at #ChocoBaconLove.

Happy ChocoBaconLove week!

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