Want to Work with My Midlife Kitchen?

My Midlife Kitchen has a lot to offer! Are you:

  • A home cook looking for easy-to-follow recipes that will become family favorites?
  • A product line or vendor looking to collaborate on recipe development and promotion?
  • Or a family in the midst of a move that needs to pantry meals to help prepare for moving day?

Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad SandwichCrock Pot Red Wine ChickenCrock Pot GumboFire CrackersTri-Colored Roasted CarrotsTzatziki with Pita Chips






No matter what you’re looking for, My Midlife Kitchen has got you covered.  Through a variety of service channels, there are opportunities available no matter what food-related needs you may have.

I’ve worked to develop recipes to highlight quality products, assisted families in inventorying their pantries to prepare for home moves, and introduced people to ingredients and products that they can feel good about serving their families.  My focus is to ensure that anyone–experienced cook or novice–has the tools and ingredients needed to make great meals without wasting time, food, or effort.

For an overview of different collaborative opportunities, check out the following information:

  • My Midlife Kitchen – Food blog that offers opportunities to provide step-by-step recipes and meal ideas for busy people. Sponsored posts and product reviews are available for interested vendors.
  • The PCS Pantry – In-person & virtual consulting to assist with families who may be moving; assistance in planning for meal prep and pantry item use leading up to the big move. Pantry-specific recipe development reflecting client products and preferences is available.
  • Your Wild Pantry – Partnering with Wildtree, I offer access to the highest quality herbs, spices and culinary blends that are free of preservatives, additives, fillers and promote a healthier lifestyle. For those looking to create healthy, affordable meals for their families, this option is the perfect option. Freezer Meal Workshops also available to help prepare freezer-ready meals with trusted ingredients and tasty results.

No matter whether you’re looking for great ideas for tonight’s dinner, or strategies to plan for a better stocked–and delicious!–pantry, My Midlife Kitchen can help.

How can My Midlife Kitchen help YOU today?  For information and pricing samples, email me at mymidlifekitchen@yahoo.com.